Hat or no Hat?…that is the question


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It is now time for me to weigh in on the debate.  Do I like the hat or do I want it to go away.  Well I love the hat!  I grew up with the hat being the symbol of Hollywood Studios, well back then MGM.  People argue that the hat takes away the view of the Chinese Theatre from the entrance.  I have seen pictures of this view and have to agree it does take away from it, but if the hat is removed what will be the new symbol for Hollywood Studios, and please don’t tell me its the water tower with the Mickey ears, because that is extremely unimpressive if you ask me.  Each park has a huge icon that everyone knows, but a tiny water tower would look just stupid compared to all the other park icons. 

I think Disney should move the hat to right when you walk into Hollywood Studios.  The location where the information station is can be moved to that fact car wash area to the right.  Now space would have to be made for the hat in that location, but it can definitely be done.  I think this would make both sides happy.  All people would have to do is walk around or threw the hat and they have a perfect visual of the shops and the Chinese Theatre, and people like me would still have the beautiful hat as Hollywood Studios icon.

If Disney does decided to completely remove the hat then it will take some time for people to get used to Hollywood Studios new icon.  I don’t know, I guess I am just not for change, and when something works for me, I want it there forever.




The Fun of Pin Trading

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ok let me first start by saying I LOVE PIN TRADING!!!


I first started pin trading in 2010.  I was on a family vacation, not really having fun at Universal and saw that they had pins.  I knew Disney had pins and decided you know what when I go back to a Disney park tomorrow I am going to get some pins, maybe cheer myself up a bit. 

I believe the park was Epcot.  I asked a cast member how pin trading worked.  I got an inside tip of buying a cheaper pack of 5 pins and using those to trade with other cast members.  So I bought my landyard and a package of pins and went at it.  Since Donald Duck was my favorite I decided I was going to collect every Donald Duck pin I could get my hands on.  Boy can I tell you I there is a ton of DD pins!!  After a few trades, I started feeling a rush of excitement everytime I found a cast member with a pin I liked.  In two days I ended up with 4 full lanyards of Donald Duck pins, and have never looked back since. 

When I got home I started going on ebay to get more pins, because I just couldn’t get enough.  I noticed there was people selling pins in packs of 20 all the way to 100 per purchase for sometimes less than .50 cents a pin!  I said next time we go I am buying pins on here.  So a few months later, I purchased a 100 pack of pins for around $40.  Now I did like some of the ones I got, but most were pins I did not like and could trade for good ones at the parks.  I highly recommend anyone who pin trades to buy pins on ebay first before you go.  But be wary who you buy from, because I have gotten non Disney pins in my purchase packs or lots as they are called online. 

In closing I have to say pin trading has made my Disney World vacations amazing.  I could never go back to not pin trading.  I still enjoy all the rides, but go on “the hunt” for pins throughout my day and it makes the parks more exciting and enjoyable for me.

If you have any questions message me and I can explain the process I use to buying pin lots.


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When Should You Visit

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Today I will be discussing what my favorite time to visit Disney World is.  I have been to Disney World well over 8 times, 5 times since 2009.  I am unsure of the exact total because I have gone when I was little and my family cannot remember how many times they had brought me.  

I have gone in January, April, August (twice), and October.  Each has their good qualities and their bad. 

The first time in 2009 I went was in August, I believe towards the end of the month.  This time, I was not as experienced as I am now.  I stayed in the Universal Royal Pacific Hotel and drove to each Disney Park each day. Well enough about my hotel troubles. 

The second time I stayed in August was in 2012.  Unfortunately, I was traveling with a very large group who did not want to stay on property so I was forced to stay in the Oak Plantation Resort.  This was by far the worst hotel I have ever stayed in.  Stay away from this “resort”!!! 

I have to say this is probably my least favorite time to visit Disney World.  The parks are extremely overcrowded and the weather is so hot and humid, that if you are not constantly fanning yourself or using one of Disney’s water spray bottles, you feel like you might overheat and faint.  

My next least favorite out of the times I have gone is when I went in April 2010.  Again I was traveling with a large group who wanted to stay at the Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club.  I have to say this actually wasn’t too bad of a resort.  I would recommend this to families who like the whole time share resort thing.  But again I regress. 


So I did not like April too much because again it was very crowded.  I can’t remember exactly when in April I went but, I do remember Epcot had the Flower and Garden Festival going on, which I loved!!  That was probably the best part of April, was seeing all the plants and flowers and the way Disney shapes them into beautiful characters.  I am going this April to Disney World so I will update you all on how the crowds are then.                        

 January and October are pretty close to call for me, but I guess I would have to say that January is my favorite time to visit.  

I went towards the end of January 2012 into February 2012.  I absolutely loved this time of year because the weather was so beautiful.  I was warm in the mid 70’s during the day and dropped to low to mid 60’s at night.  On top of that the parks were empty!!!!  The wait time for Expedition Everest was 5 minutes!!!!  I think the longest wait was 40 minutes for Toy Story Mania.  I did not need one fastpass my whole trip!!!  

If and only if you have visited Disney World before, then I would highly recommend you visit during this time.  I only say if you have visited before, because this is also the time of year when Disney fixes and refurbishes some of their main rides.  Also usually both water parks are closed. 

Last but not least we have when I visited in October of 2010.  I visited during Halloween into November.  This time was great, but because of Halloween the parks were a little busy, but nothing crazy like August of April.  Also Disney had just started decorating some of Hollywood Studios with Christmas lights!!! 


October also brought Disney’s Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, which for me was amazing.  I had no idea this was going on and when I arrived to the park it was such a special treat!  Had the park been a little less busy this would have been my favorite just for the Food and Wine Festival.  


Well hopefully you have gotten a better idea of when to visit, just by my experiences.  I do hope to visit in other months in the coming years, but until then January will be my favorite time.


“Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide” (Jiminy Cricket)


My Favorite Park

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Today I will be discussing my favorite Disney park.  There are many different reasons why people go to the parks, these could be for the rides, for the food, to look at how beautiful all the architecture is, to pin trade (which I will discuss in another post), to spend time with family, to escape from reality, the list goes on and on. 

First let me tell you my favorite park is Epcot!  There is no single reason why I love going to Epcot. 


Epcot offers a mix of everything.  If you are not a ride person, you can spend an entire day learning about 11 different countries.  Those countries include (in no particular order), Mexico, Japan, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada.  Each country has their own places to eat and drink that are native to that country. 


Epcot also has a bunch of rides.  They have thrill rides like Test Track and Soarin, but they also have slower paced rides like Finding Nemo, Spaceship Earth, and Living with the Land.

I absolutely love going to Epcot for the entire park.  I love going to each country and eating and drinking.  Every time I go I try to eat something from each country.  I have tried to have a beer in each but that I could not do. 


I also love going on the rides.  I go on usually every ride but Mission Space (I get kinda claustrophobic just from looking at commercials of it).  My favorite rides in the park are Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land, Soarin’, and the Ellen ride.


Also once a year usually from September to November, Disney brings in more countries to celebrate Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival.  I have been to this one time, and let me tell you, it is amazing!!!

I would definitely recommend trying to go in these months just for that!!

Oh and did I mention the fireworks!! Epcot performs its fireworks display over the lake inside the park.  If you are on the World Showcase side, you get a beautiful backdrop of the Spaceship Earth (The Epcot Ball) behind the fireworks, which makes for a fabulous ending to an amazing day.

Staying on Property

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Today I will be talking about my experiences staying on the Disney World property.  I am a frequent visitor to Disney World but have only stayed at two properties.  I have stayed in the Pop Century Resort and the All Star Movies Resort.  Let me say if I had to pick between just these two, it would be Pop Century every single time.  The All Star Movies unfortunately shares a bus with the three other All Star resorts, which makes going to and from the parks such an incredible hassle.  Not only does Pop Century have its own bus system, which for me never has any lines, but if you stay away from the pools, it is very quiet and nice. 

Let me explain how I can be such a huge Disney fan and only have stayed in two resorts.  When I was little I do not know why my parents decided to stay off property, I’d assume for cost purposes.  Once I went down with my own family, since it had been such a long time (I would have to guess around 10 years) since I had been to a Disney park, I stayed at Universal Loews Royal Pacific, since I had recently stayed there.  The time, I went back to Disney around a year later, although the Royal Pacific was such a nice hotel, there was nothing separating it from any other, also the fact that I did not want to rent a car and have to drive to and from the hotel, after a long day walking at the parks.  I decided I wanted to stay on Disney property and stay in a value resort (obviously for the cheapness) but wanted to stay somewhere that had its own bus system.  Back then this was before Art of Animation, so that was not an option.  I decided Pop Century was the place for me, it was cheap and had its own bus system, what more could I ask for?

When my Disney Magical Express bus pulled up to the resort, I was in amazement.  Since it had been so long since I’d seen a Disney resort, I immediately fell in love with it; everything from the big “Pop” signs in different colors by the bus waiting lines to the large displays of the years outside the front of the main building.  I couldn’t think it would get any better, but when I walked into the lobby, I felt like I was home.  Now don’t get me wrong, for those who stay in the moderate and high value resorts, you may be rolling your eyes, saying to yourself, “That is nothing compared to our resorts,” but to me it was everything. 

This resort has three pools, a small game room, a large food court, tons and tons of rooms, a decent sized gift shop, and a running trail along Hourglass Lake.  Although the rooms are not anything to write home about, they do offer Disney décor in the bedding as well as Disney pictures on the walls, and Disney soaps and shampoos.  I have stayed in Pop Century a total of only two times, with a third trip coming up this year.  If I had to recommend a value resort for couples to stay in I would recommend Pop Century and to ask for a room in the 80’s building near the parking lot or at the end of the 70’s building near Hourglass Lake.   You will have tons of peace and quiet, and hardly any running and loud kids to disturb your slumber.

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Magic Bands


While I am waiting to receive my magic bands for my upcoming Disney World vacation, I thought I’d share my point of view on this.  First I’d like to start by saying this is one of the best things I have seen Disney do.  For those who don’t know Magic Bands contain everything you would need for your vacation.  They contain your hotel room key, any fastpass+ you have registered for (up to 3 per person per day), and I also believe it contains your dining reservations you have booked.  The colors are fantastic although, I wish there was more of a selection.  They have your basic blue, red, green, but I’d like to see different colors in those color schemes.  Although I have not experienced it yet, I have heard there are ways to customize your magic band, such as covers and snap on items, similar to those of the crocs shoes.  

The magic band coming to Disney World, makes your vacation simpler.  You no longer have to carry a room key or a park ticket for each person in your family.  I am unsure of if you book a dining plan, if those are put on your magic band also.  I would have to think so, and if so that just makes these magic bands almost perfect. 

Once I receive my magic bands and get to use it in the parks I will revisit this to discuss how my experience with them went.


*this post is strictly from my point of view and what I have experienced first hand*

Your First Visit

You’ve never gone to Disney, and you’re wondering should we go to Disney World or Disneyland.  First let me give you some pros and cons about each park.

Disney World


  • You literally are in another “world”
  • There are tons of hotels to choose from
  • 4 parks to visit
  • Pin trading


  • If staying off property you have to rent a car
  • Park prices have gone up
  • Groups from other countries can make parks extremely crowded

Disneyland and California Adventure


  • Has the best rides
  • Only two parks, which means you get to ride the same great rides multiple times
  • Only have to stay a few days and get to save money


  • Tons of schools take day trips which overcrowds the parks
  • only a few hotels to choose from
  • No feeling of being in another “world”
  • No pin trading

I am a Disney World person.  I have been there multiple times and loved each and every time.  I went to Disneyland a few years ago after making multiple trips to Disney World and I have to say something was just missing for me.  I definitely did not feel as magical as Disney World.  There was a ton of schools visiting for the day.  I also love to pin trade and it seemed that I was the only one wearing pins.  I saw under 10 employees wearing lanyards.  I also overheard a few children asking their parents what I was wearing.  I also think that since Disney World is so massive I was just expecting more of the same from Disneyland.

So in my opinion if you are deciding to visit Disney for the first time and do not know which park to go to, I would recommend going to Disneyland first.  You will avoid disappointment of the smaller parks and the day trip feel, by going their before you visit Disney World.  Also you could stay less days and save some money.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not trying to bash Disneyland or say its horrible, but Disney world to me just blows it out of the water. 


*this is strictly form my point of view*


Why?….why not?!

I have a couple passions in life, two of those being writing and everything disney.  Now as many disney fans know once you get older it is hard to find people to talk to that also love disney.  Now I’m not saying there aren’t millions of adults who love disney but I have found that many seem nervous to express their love due to a feeling of embarrassment, but I ask you why?  If it is something you enjoy why not share it with the world, and that is exactly why I decided to start this blog.  So please bare with me as this is my first but certainly not my last post.  Most of my posts will be from my point of view and do not necessarily agree with everyone.  I will also try and post as much news as I can find. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.