While I am waiting to receive my magic bands for my upcoming Disney World vacation, I thought I’d share my point of view on this.  First I’d like to start by saying this is one of the best things I have seen Disney do.  For those who don’t know Magic Bands contain everything you would need for your vacation.  They contain your hotel room key, any fastpass+ you have registered for (up to 3 per person per day), and I also believe it contains your dining reservations you have booked.  The colors are fantastic although, I wish there was more of a selection.  They have your basic blue, red, green, but I’d like to see different colors in those color schemes.  Although I have not experienced it yet, I have heard there are ways to customize your magic band, such as covers and snap on items, similar to those of the crocs shoes.  

The magic band coming to Disney World, makes your vacation simpler.  You no longer have to carry a room key or a park ticket for each person in your family.  I am unsure of if you book a dining plan, if those are put on your magic band also.  I would have to think so, and if so that just makes these magic bands almost perfect. 

Once I receive my magic bands and get to use it in the parks I will revisit this to discuss how my experience with them went.


*this post is strictly from my point of view and what I have experienced first hand*