You’ve never gone to Disney, and you’re wondering should we go to Disney World or Disneyland.  First let me give you some pros and cons about each park.

Disney World


  • You literally are in another “world”
  • There are tons of hotels to choose from
  • 4 parks to visit
  • Pin trading


  • If staying off property you have to rent a car
  • Park prices have gone up
  • Groups from other countries can make parks extremely crowded

Disneyland and California Adventure


  • Has the best rides
  • Only two parks, which means you get to ride the same great rides multiple times
  • Only have to stay a few days and get to save money


  • Tons of schools take day trips which overcrowds the parks
  • only a few hotels to choose from
  • No feeling of being in another “world”
  • No pin trading

I am a Disney World person.  I have been there multiple times and loved each and every time.  I went to Disneyland a few years ago after making multiple trips to Disney World and I have to say something was just missing for me.  I definitely did not feel as magical as Disney World.  There was a ton of schools visiting for the day.  I also love to pin trade and it seemed that I was the only one wearing pins.  I saw under 10 employees wearing lanyards.  I also overheard a few children asking their parents what I was wearing.  I also think that since Disney World is so massive I was just expecting more of the same from Disneyland.

So in my opinion if you are deciding to visit Disney for the first time and do not know which park to go to, I would recommend going to Disneyland first.  You will avoid disappointment of the smaller parks and the day trip feel, by going their before you visit Disney World.  Also you could stay less days and save some money.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not trying to bash Disneyland or say its horrible, but Disney world to me just blows it out of the water. 


*this is strictly form my point of view*