Hi Ho Hi Ho

ok let me first start by saying I LOVE PIN TRADING!!!


I first started pin trading in 2010.  I was on a family vacation, not really having fun at Universal and saw that they had pins.  I knew Disney had pins and decided you know what when I go back to a Disney park tomorrow I am going to get some pins, maybe cheer myself up a bit. 

I believe the park was Epcot.  I asked a cast member how pin trading worked.  I got an inside tip of buying a cheaper pack of 5 pins and using those to trade with other cast members.  So I bought my landyard and a package of pins and went at it.  Since Donald Duck was my favorite I decided I was going to collect every Donald Duck pin I could get my hands on.  Boy can I tell you I there is a ton of DD pins!!  After a few trades, I started feeling a rush of excitement everytime I found a cast member with a pin I liked.  In two days I ended up with 4 full lanyards of Donald Duck pins, and have never looked back since. 

When I got home I started going on ebay to get more pins, because I just couldn’t get enough.  I noticed there was people selling pins in packs of 20 all the way to 100 per purchase for sometimes less than .50 cents a pin!  I said next time we go I am buying pins on here.  So a few months later, I purchased a 100 pack of pins for around $40.  Now I did like some of the ones I got, but most were pins I did not like and could trade for good ones at the parks.  I highly recommend anyone who pin trades to buy pins on ebay first before you go.  But be wary who you buy from, because I have gotten non Disney pins in my purchase packs or lots as they are called online. 

In closing I have to say pin trading has made my Disney World vacations amazing.  I could never go back to not pin trading.  I still enjoy all the rides, but go on “the hunt” for pins throughout my day and it makes the parks more exciting and enjoyable for me.

If you have any questions message me and I can explain the process I use to buying pin lots.


Have a Magical Day!