Hi Ho Hi Ho


It is now time for me to weigh in on the debate.  Do I like the hat or do I want it to go away.  Well I love the hat!  I grew up with the hat being the symbol of Hollywood Studios, well back then MGM.  People argue that the hat takes away the view of the Chinese Theatre from the entrance.  I have seen pictures of this view and have to agree it does take away from it, but if the hat is removed what will be the new symbol for Hollywood Studios, and please don’t tell me its the water tower with the Mickey ears, because that is extremely unimpressive if you ask me.  Each park has a huge icon that everyone knows, but a tiny water tower would look just stupid compared to all the other park icons. 

I think Disney should move the hat to right when you walk into Hollywood Studios.  The location where the information station is can be moved to that fact car wash area to the right.  Now space would have to be made for the hat in that location, but it can definitely be done.  I think this would make both sides happy.  All people would have to do is walk around or threw the hat and they have a perfect visual of the shops and the Chinese Theatre, and people like me would still have the beautiful hat as Hollywood Studios icon.

If Disney does decided to completely remove the hat then it will take some time for people to get used to Hollywood Studios new icon.  I don’t know, I guess I am just not for change, and when something works for me, I want it there forever.